July 25th, 2011

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YGO one-coin figures

I'm sorry if this is breaking the rules, but there're no other comms to turn to since they're all dead ):

I need a little guidance regarding the one-coin figures.


That site... do you think those are authentic or bootleg? I mean, the one-coin figurines were just released recently, so I don't think bootlegs can be made right away... but still, I'd like to be sure. Also, if they are authentic, is ToyWiz a safe site or a troll site bent on scamming me of my money?

Thank you so much for the help! And once again, I'm terribly sorry if this is breaking the rules, but I didn't read anything regarding posts like this to be forbidden.
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Looking for people to chip in!

Hey there! I am currently buying both of the Coin Figure Sets (Ancient and Duel Start) and am looking for people to chip in since I only want one or two figures from each set... I have a few friends chipping but there are still a lot left. I am only charging $7 for each figure plus shipping.

HERE is the link to my journal with all of the information!