June 28th, 2011

hi there

 Well everyone,I'm sorry about the entry that I posted previously.......didn't know that I can't post that thing here.....I won't do that for the next time,coz' I'm just joined here yesterday..well,you guys must wanna know who I am,right?
The name's Ayumi(that's not my real name but I won't tell you my real name),I'm 19(but soon will be 20 in July),from Malaysia....I'm so-called duelist coz' I just duel in duelingnetwork due of my real life deck is soooooooooo weak,I've been a YGO fan since 2003(I was 12 on that time),my fav character is absolutely the most adorable protagonist ever,Yugi Mutou and his sexy alter-ego XD..
I'm more to collecting cards that dueling...hee~
Nice to meet you all...^^
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