May 17th, 2011


ZEXAL licensing...

As suspected, we have to wait until the court's decision before learning the fate of the 5D's and the ZEXAL dub.

NAS/TV Tokyo were looking for another licensor as to how they were going to exhibit ZEXAL at that Licensing Expo in Vegas. (it's a good thing that they and 4kids have booths pretty far away lol, can you imagine if the NAS booth was right across from 4kids, with funimation a little ways down? Epic glaring contests much? lol)

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Sadly it seems the court hearing is May 31st, and this may mean given a few months if 4kids is found guilty, the 5D's dub would end production... (and I wanted to see Aporia (probably would be renamed "Adam" or something... I'd think Antinomy would be renamed "Anthony"... ... ... PLEASE DON'T DO THAT 4KIDS)