April 27th, 2011

My superpower

YGO Class Blog

This last semester, I took a mini-course about blogging in order to be still technically enrolled in the university. One of the requirements for the class was to write our own blog. I chose Yu-Gi-Oh as my topic, because I'm not interested in normal people things like food or politics or fashion. My original topic was to compare the Duel Monsters anime to the manga, but it is slowly mutating to include other fandom things, like how to play Duel Monsters and reviewing Zexal as it comes out (which has made it like, infinity times easier to write).

It's been really fun to write it, and I think I'm going to maintain it (unlike many of my classmates), so I thought I might bring the link here for people to look at? *shy* The original blog is ygocanonshuffle.wordpress.com. It also comes in tumblr form at ygocanonshuffle.tumblr.com.