April 6th, 2011


5Ds pan-series discussion

So in lieu of an episode this week, since 5Ds is finished and Zexal doesn't start until April 11th, I thought we could have a post discussing 5Ds as a whole. This can include discussing characters, storylines, dropped plots or even card strategy. Just go hog wild and if we can boil down a few points, we might be able to take the most pressing questions to 5Ds Director Ono, or character designer Maruyama Shuji.

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ygo // seto // trap card of flowy trench

fanart of the main character kind

Um um hi! This isn't really crack fanart but I was looking at the community rules and saw that regular fanart is possibly also allowed? IF NOT I AM TERRIBLY SORRY and I can def. delete this post no prob ;;

That aside, I got back into YGO recently. And I drew a Yami because...I like Seto Kaiba the best IDEK that still needs some figuring. Here's a thumbnail (that I stole from my DA submission which is why it looks so terrible), but if you click on it you can see the full view at my deviantart account:

^ click it ^

I hope people like it ;;
I hope this is allowed arghhh

News: 4kids Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Another update in the 4kids drama:

Yahoo! Finance is currently reporting that North American media distributor 4Kids Entertainment has filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Companies who file under Chapter 11 are able to maintain business assets, which may or may not include licenses, in order to attempt to reorganize. By contrast, companies who file under Chapter 7 (as Central Park Media did in 2009) cease to function as a business.