March 31st, 2011


New YGOTAS dA group!

Hey guys! Longtime lurker, few times' poster here.

Most of you Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans who frequent dA probably know that the now-former official TAS group is closed and gone, which is sad. There is, however, a brand new group, all shiny and waiting for your art submissions! Created by sreddous , co-founded by myself and somatosensation , it pretty much picks up the reins of fun, humor and crack the old group used to have - or it's attempting to, anyway! We're pretty excited about it, so consider this an invitation to all of you - come in and crash the place! RIGHT NOW - or both of us Kaibas will smile all day, and you know what THAT means.

~Yugiohtas Fan Club~


I have a very grave and important announcement to make and it's important that things are made very clear. As much as our fandom can be crack and as much as our community is focused on enjoying that, we do have rules for a reason. They're instated to keep things running smoothly and to ensure everyone can enjoy their time here. We also have mods to enforce these rules and I'm sad to say that I will have to use my duty today for just that.

Due to general rule breaking, poor behavior, and misconduct, I'm sad to announce that littlekuriboh is officially banned from playthedamncard.

Yes, you read that correctly. LK's posts and comments have violated too many rules for me to allow him to stay, regardless of his popularity.

( details about LK's ban behind this cut )

EDIT: This is no laughing matter, guys.