March 29th, 2011


 So the plan for the all-day 5D's stream has been finalized. We're going to start off here at  approximately 12:30 PM EST/GMT -5, and then move rooms as necessary.  We will be using Livestream chat for the moment, since it's most convenient for everyone. Check this post for updates!

Tentative lineup: 

5D's episodes: 1, 5, 14, 25, 26, 33, 35, 57-59 ,64, 73, 107, 109, 135, 145, 152 = 9 hours

We will also stream DM+GX if time and availability allow. Hope to see you there!
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4kids to lose the YGO license

Hello guys, I hope some of you are enjoying the 5D's stream. But today I bring big news.

Essentially 4kids and Funianimation and a few other companies conspired, scammed and voided 4kids contract with NAS and Tv Tokyo. Now they don't have the license to dub YGO anymore and NAS sued them for a hugeass amount of money.

EDIT: ANN explains it more: Funi is not listed as a defendent despite being involved.

mmm, nostalgia (okok)

Welp, with 4kids soon to be out of the way (OR SOMETHING??), but a new movie and a new series coming up, I had to wonder.

Just who will be providing subs?

And then I remembered the glorious but hideous Hong Kong Bootlegs. TBH, part of me wishes we'd get more subs from them just out of sheer QUALITY and nostalgia. I doubt this would happen, but ONE CAN DREAM.

But to get to the point of this post: Let's take a trip down memory lane, mmkay?

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Discuss? More can be found at the millenniumtinnyrod tumblr.

EDIT: There's a syndicate. millenntinnyrod. All the cool duelists will be totally watching it.


Yes, I know it's absolutely hideous guys. I'm very, very sorry for not letting people know ahead of time and also for any vision damage I've caused. D:

And yeah, I'm currently working on tweaking the colors for a YGO-themed set up. Obviously this is a work in progress... Until I'm finished, it's probably best if people view the community in their styles (you can do this by clicking the "view in my sytle" link on the navigation bar) or through their friends lists because NGL IT'S REALLY UGLY GUYS.

Will update this when the layout is finished.

EDIT: It should be less blinding now, but again, I want to stress that this is temporary until I finish the images that will be used for a header. Also, in a few days, I'll probs be back with a poll on sidebar vrs. original layout style etc.