March 26th, 2011

Yuugiou 5Ds ★ insert a .jpg format


Since 5D's will be finishing its three year long run this Wednesday, a few of us have gotten the idea together to pull off an all day stream of 5D's - running from Tuesday morning until around 4am EST when the one hour special will air. We will be running fan favorites mostly, since it is not possible to air the entire series in one day. We may also stream episodes of DM and GX as well!

Obviously this isn't exactly feasible with just a few people and we want to invite others to join us! Feel free to spread the word.

What we need however specifically to pull this off is:

- People who can stream the from their computers, so that we can have a continous stream all day

- Which chat client to use? AIM/IRC/Stream chat?

- Ideas about which episodes to air

- People who will show up!