March 21st, 2011


Cosplay Music Video: "I Have Money"

Seto Kaiba is having a particularly good day. His stock values are rising, he can wipe his butt with his worst enemies, and he’s got everyone bowing at his feet. After all, who wouldn’t want to admire and love the richest man alive who has never lost a duel to anyone in his entire life? He feels pretty, and he has money. There’s nothing that he can’t screw.

This is the Sunshine Duelists’ second finished Cosplay Music Video, shot entirely at KamiCon 2011.


stinkulousreddous as Seto Kaiba/ vocals;
katyanoctis as Season-0 Kaiba;
CardgamesFTW as a victim of thievery;
KalonAkarui as Cowboy Marik;
Shemara as Pirate Bakura;
swordfreakx as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon;
manayugiohgx5ds as Mana.
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    "I Feel Pretty"- Julie Andrews