December 14th, 2010

magnificent amy

Newbie! // Questions

'Ello everyone! Newbie to the community (not-so-newbie for Yugioh in general); I thought I would get out of the lurker zone and introduce myself! :) I'm only a DM fan, but I love meeting and joking around with new people, and this community seems like the perfect place to do that!

I also have a newbie question, I'm afraid: what exactly are we allowed to post to this communtiy? Only random crazy stuff, or can stuff like fan-made videos and icons be shared here as well?

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have fun here, and I can't waiting to emmerse myself in the Yugioh randomness! 8D

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EDIT: sfkjs;lkfjs; LJCUT. Sorry about that everyone. It should be fixed now :3

Yugioh Changeling Game

So, I've noticed that people seem interested in the concept. Who would be wanting to play? 'Cause I'll totally run it. =D I know Changeling: The Lost really well, and I'm willing to help people make characters and such. I'd let people play either actual Yu-Gi-Oh! characters (only from DM, though- I don't really know the other two series), or original characters, and the plot would be mostly RP and such, although if people want to duel, that's cool too. ^_^ Just let me know who'd be interested!!