December 8th, 2010


My awesome Winged Kuriboh

I haven't drawn fan art in a really long time (last time I did, it was a hilarious little bit for a Yu Yu Hakusho contest involving dressing characters as the opposite gender; if Shishiwakamaru were real, he'd want to murder me).

But thanks to THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP (lol...), I got inspired to draw again. XD

As a lovely birthday present for a friend of mine who cosplays as Jaden, I busted my butt (and defied the sinister effects of ADHD) to create for her an epic little masterpiece... of Winged Kuriboh! <3

So... I am very very proud of how fantastic it turned out (and definitely happy now that I bought a Japanese art eraser - it really helps a lot), and would love to share it with everyone here in the community! Hope you like it!!!