December 1st, 2010

What in the everloving fu--
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I'm just wondering - I've been looking into getting a box of the One Coin figures, but I'm only interested in two figures in the first box (a lot more of the second, but that's a later story and if I can I will be getting the second season, I'm hell bent on getting a Thief King figure.)

Since I'm only interested in two, what kind of interest would there be in me selling on the other figures? I'm sure I'd get rid of some with no problem, but I don't really want to pay that much for them not being sure I could sell them on.

Don't take this as a positive 'this will happen sometime soon' post, I'm just adding up my options. Full boxes are a lot of money, especially when I only want two from the box. orz

EDIT: Okay, since I'm pretty sure I could shift most of the ones that nobody has mentioned minus honda but ffff if someone wants him it'll help sway me on buying this box I'm going to look into it properly.

It would be shipped from the UK, the figures would be first come first serve since there would only be one of each. The two I planned on keeping were Ryou Bakura and the secret figure which isn't in the pictures, which is Yami Bakura. I miiiight keep the Mokuba if it's cute when I get it.

This probably won't be happening until past Christmas, as I'm trying to get the box from a UK seller to try and get it shipped not only faster, but for a decent price (hell, I don't mind something being £10 more if it's saving me £20-30 on shipping.)

Again, don't take this as anything solid just yet
, this also depends on me not being skint after Christmas.

Also if this works, I will be getting the second set when it comes out, but I want to keep a lot more of the figures in that one.