October 27th, 2010


"THE TIME HAS COME," the Kuriboh said,
"To talk of many things.
Of cards and hair and holograms
Of duel disks and duel kings!
And why Kaiba's such a dick.
And whether Pegasus sings!"

"But wait a bit!" the people cried,
"Before we have our chat
For some of us wish for a mod
And we need one stat!"
"To a vote!" said the Kuriboh
And they were pleased with that.

"An application," the headmod said
"Is what we'll do first.
To check who would be best for this
And who would be the worst.
Now if you're ready, people dear,
The other mods have conversed."

"But who is it?" the people cried,
Wondering who would rule
"After such a long delay,
More waiting would be cruel!"
"A vote will choose" the headmod said
"The leftovers from the cool!"

"O People," said the Kuriboh,
"The vote will soon begin!
Shall we be picking carefully?
You'll find the poll within!"
And this is just the start because
Only the mods will know who'll win.

Okay, here's the deal. Out of all the applicants, killyoudead and I picked the people that we felt we would be most comfortable taking on as possible helper mods. Of those people, we've already secretly selected one but will not announce that person until the voting is over. That person, as well as the other candidates are now up for a vote among the members. The vote will last a week, and once it's over, the person with the most votes will be taken on along with the pre-chosen person.

As helper mods, they will be given the task of making sure posts are tagged and keeping things civil. Should spam posts or posts that directly break the rules be put up and neither killyoudead nor I can get to them in time, it will be the duty of the helper mods to delete them. For any other major decisions regarding the community, such as changing rules, changing the layout, or banning members, these must be discussed with me or killyoudead first.

Disclaimer: As head mod, I have the right to dismiss helper mods at any time should I feel they are not adequately completing their job or they are stepping beyond the bounds of their responsibilities. Blah blah, stuff no one cares about.

PS: Please do not vote using RP accounts. If I find RP accounts used in voting, they and the owner of those accounts will be put on a one-month ban from the community. C'mon people, you know how voting works. One vote to one person, mmkay?

And now, onto the votes! Collapse )

EDIT: I'm heading to bed now. killyoudead might be around a bit longer to answer questions, but for now, I gotta get some sleep! More questions will be answered tomorrow!