October 26th, 2010

Yu Gi Oh RPers?

I've made a post like this before but it was a while back and my wants have expanded...so...yeah. If not allowed, you can delete. Though, unless the rules have changed, I don't think it isn't, right?

I play Seto Kaiba on AIM, random journals, and at super_powers. If any castmates want to join me at S_P, then all are wanted.

When it comes to one-on-ones, I'm a bit more specific, however. While I'll play with most anyone from the series, I will say I have preferences on couples. Those starred I'm really looking for right now.

Kaiba/Yami **
Yami/Kaiba/Yugi **
Yami/Kaiba/Jonouchi *
Kaiba/Kaiba (Yeah......Uh....)
Kaiba/Season0!Yami *
Season0!Kaiba/Season0!Yami *

KaibaxShizuka *

Also, keep in mind I'm not limited to these couples. I'm actually currently roleplaying KaibaxAnzu too (Yeah, I still don't know how its gonna work either, you tell me). If anyone's interested, contact me on AIM at Sorakachan or over email at Sorakachan21@gmail.com. I'm mobile on AIM all the time, so dun hesitate to IM me then too. Hopefully, I'll here from some people soon! ^^