October 11th, 2010


As promised, I'm beginning the process of choosing new assistant mods for our lovely community. Here's how it's gonna go. Apps are open to anyone who would like to apply*. Just fill it out and respond to this post (comments will be screened). After a week, I will choose 5-6 people out of the applicants and host a public vote for TWO of those people. This vote will be open to community members. I will be watching it, so try not to abuse it with things like RP accounts. Or I shall have to throw sharp, pointy cards at you. Paper cuts tend to hurt a lot for such tiny wounds.

Anyway, below is the application. In it, I'm asking for things like prior experience, what communities you are a member of, as well as why you think you might be qualified. Blah blah blah, like a resume. You get the idea.

SO! Here goes~ Remember, comments are screened. And the vote will go up sometime around next Monday (provided my pulled wisdom teeth aren't giving me too much hell...).

Good luck to the applicants! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask! They'll be unscreened.

*NOTE: Members with experience are preferred. Especially members who have been part of the community for some time. A form of contact is mandatory, whether it be through PM, Instant Messenger, or EMAIL. The ability to track posts and edit comments is also preferred, though not mandatory.