October 9th, 2010

Bakura causes car crash

Okay, so today I went to a pumpkin farm/corn maze while dressed as Ryou Bakura. But that part isn't nearly as interesting as what happened on the way there.

I stopped at a red light, and there's a guy in the car next to me, just staring at me. He's not just looking, he's STARING, completely wide-eyed and slack-jawed, trying to get my attention. I finally look over, he motions to where I have my sweatdrop pinned to my wig, and gives me a nod of obvious fandom-approval. Satisfied, he rolls up his window and leans forward to say something to the people in the front seat.

About half a second later, they crash into the car in front of them.

The light turns green, and I keep on driving... thinking, Wow... I wonder how they're going to explain THAT to the insurance people.