October 4th, 2010


Guess who's forty-ninth birthday it is today?

Why, Kazuki Takahashi's, of course! And how could we at PtDC neglect this special day for the man who brought us this wonderful, wonderful, series that is Yu-Gi-Oh?

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Come on, you lot, let's celebrate and make merry, for today is the big man's birthday! Send him your love in whatever ways you can, whether it be drawing, singing, talking about your favorite things about the franchise, whatever!  Just show your appreciation for him and his art!


EDIT: So apparently today is also Sugoruko Mutou's birfday as well, if these comments are anything to go by. So, happy birthday to the man who set this all in motion by giving his grandson the ancient relic that started the plot!
YGO ♠ Jou: Hurray!


So I'm sure most of you who play the card game and/or simply like collecting the cards have heard about the Legendary Collection that's set for release in stores tomorrow, correct? (And even if you hadn't, well, I suppose I just remedied that minor detail for you~)

There've been much speculation as to whether or not it'll be sold in retail stores or solely in collection shops and I'm here to clear up some of the confusion. The Collection will indeed be sold at retail stores - the one I am sure of is Wal-Mart - for the stated MSRP price of $29.95. How do I know this? Well, let's just say my local Wal-Mart has a habit of not abiding by release dates; I currently have my own Collection right here in my hands, newly purchased from said Wal-Mart and I am simply GLEEing over it as I type this post out.

So for those, like me, who simply cannot wait another day for theirs, go check and see if your local Wal-Mart already has it in stock like mine!

Also, for the sake of quenching my curiosity, does anyone know what other retail stores that will be stocking this awesome item as well?


Actually, this is more of a reminder than anything else. So, no fears on me going all Rage Pharaoh on you.

Anyway, keep in mind that when having discussions, even if they seem a bit out there and strange, the rules of the community stipulate playing nicely. The recent posts regarding Original Characters was on topic and allowed under the rules, and while some of us might not agree with the creation or nature of Original Characters, we need to remember that everyone has a right to interact in the fandom in whichever way they are comfortable with.

I am very disappointed by some of the responses to the recent Original Character discussion posts. As funny and amusing as macros can be, they do not belong here when used to mock or attack someone with a legitimate questions. Especially when the OP was nothing but polite and cooperative.

For now, the posts are deleted. Next time, I hope that when a topic like this (while controversial and with varying opinions) comes up, that you guys, the members behave with more open minds and polite discussion.

tl;dr: Remember #5: No insulting each other. Nothing drastic I mean. You're allowed to make light digs at each other in the name of fun, but if it gets nasty, then you're out.

Thank you, and you may now carry on about your children's card games.

This post brought to you in the name of Kisara: The first official YGO Mary Sue. May she rest in pieces and in the soul of a flimsy piece of cardboard obsessed over by Seto Kaiba forever.

Oh, and to make this post a little more interesting, I present my favorite card: