September 16th, 2010

Roll Back 88

ID'ing a doujin for sale?

Hey guys,

So I have this pair of doujin I'm putting up for sale as soon as I can get pictures, but I'm having a problem with one of them. One is an R18 with a title, "Himegoto," in romanji and is by Reiron Club, but the other is a little bit of a problem because the title is partly in kanji. It's a green book by Romu Romu Club/Romuco Miike and is the book with the story about YnYuugi getting sick and Kaiba being his nursemaid, but the only romanji on it just indicates that it's a YGO Kaiba/YnYuugi doujin.

What I can read of the title (assuming it's top to bottom, right to left) is "ベイビー カムヒア" ("beibi kamuhia," if I'm reading my chart right; Google suggests this is a translation for "baby come here," which is apparently the name of a popular manga or doujin that's not YGO-related), but following this are two kanji I can't read and can't even make a mad stab in the dark at, because they look like no other kanji I've ever seen. Does this partial-title sound familiar to anyone? There doesn't seem to be a release date on the book, but I purchased it around the same time as the other book, which has a release date of 2007/10/7, if that's any help. eBay is not being any kind of help, or I'd link from there.

(And finally: if anybody here is going "*DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL* KAIBA/YNYUUGIIII WAAAAAAAAAANT" and is willing to trust a word description instead of pictures, "Himegoto" is still in plastic, read once, single R18 Kaiba/YnYuugi story, as-new; the one I'm trying to ID is read once, almost-as-new, a couple of tiny creases horizontally along the spine that were there when I purchased it, slightly curved because some genius *coughcough* set it on top of a smaller Edgar Allan Poe anthology and gravity set to work; this should be easily fixable on either my end or yours by sticking it under a heavy book for a night. It contains a mini-story and the main story, "Sick." Both have intact spines/have never been scanned or copied, and are from a nonsmoking home. I'm asking $20 for Himegoto, $25 for the other because of length, $40 for both, individual prices open to discussion.)

Oh. And while I rarely save comics/funnypix/etc., I can make this crack-relevant because Collapse )