September 14th, 2010

YGO GX - Happy Yubel is skipping

Erie Anime Experience III

So I ran into darkrunner doing her sweet Jyonouchi cosplay! We had a pretty sizable YGO group for a con our size (our annual attendance is about 280 and this year we had a Yuugi, Malik, little Malik, Bakura, two Kaibas, Jyonouchi, and our con chair's little girl did both S1 Marufuji Ryou and Hell Kaiser), so I'm just wondering: outside the Kaibae (con chair's husband and son) and Kaya's never-ending love of playing blue-haired GX boys (I would be lying if I said I wasn't guilty of considering suggesting that we dress up as a pair of Johans next year just so I could introduce us as "I'm Johan Andersen! And this is the younger flashback version of me who never actually appeared in this show!"), were any other PTDC'ers there, and do you have pictures?