August 18th, 2010

Silly on Tree Stumps.

Sunshine Duelists Present: Blue-Eyes Witness News, Episode 2

Keeping up with the vibrant news world that is Domino City, KaibaCorp’s news station stays on top, with a wacky, zany, probably-hard-to-really-understand-but-oh-well new episode that even Seto Kaiba himself had far far far too much fun filming. For a full description of this video, please visit this journal! *dancing*

In this show, Seto Kaiba faces bankruptcy, a popular catchphrase turns a news room into chaos, Joey Wheeler sells illegal substances, Bakura and Téa develop a need for rehab, and Mai Valentine deals with her male admirers.  


Sunshine Duelists present: Blue-Eyes Witness News, Episode 2:

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