August 9th, 2010

Beauty -- Isis

TAS love at Gencon Indy

So, I attended Gencon Indy yesterday, and it was totally badass. There was little for YGo, honestly (not like the year they had some sort of freakish motorcycle display for 5ds) but they did give out the attendance goodies pack in a 5Ds bag.

HOWEVER, I was in the anime portion which is held at a nearby hotel. There was absolutely nothing YGO going on; no games, no duels, no viewings, nothing... Until from one end of the hall:


And following, one by one,

"Card games on motorcycles!"


Some kid pops out of one of the rooms that's screening anime to add in his own chorus of, "CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYLES!"

And of course, as I just happened to be there at the right time, I got to chime in as well. I think, including the initial person, there were about six shouts in total in spontaneous love for TAS.