July 29th, 2010

YGO GX - Johan is Jesus

DM/GX dubbies, I need your help.

So as you all may know, I work at Erie Anime Experience, which is a tiny little con located just south of the Rusty City and just east of the Mistake on the Lake, and this year I'm running a panel called "Abridge This!: Bad Anime Night". As the name implies, it's 3-4 hours (exact times still indeterminate) of the worst dubs around, during which you get to shout at the screen and hopefully be amusing. Both the DM and GX dubs were requested. I have room for only one (since 4Kids One Piece and 4Kids Pokemon were also requested and I really don't want to make this Let's Hate On 4Kids Night).

Here's the problem: I've never seen either one, except for teeny-tiny "DID HE REALLY SAY---!?" clips. And I really don't care to marathon both shows in dub just for this panel, especially when I've also got Naruto, Black Heaven, One Piece, part of Sailor Moon, and from what I've heard from a few friends I need to add Hetalia, as well.

So, keeping in mind that I'm looking for episodes that are bad in the "LOL what" kind of way, not the "DDDDDDDDDD: MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP OHGOD PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE NO MORE I'LL BE GOOD MOMMY I PROMISE" kind of way, which episodes of the dub (please specify if it's DM or GX) would you recommend I show? They need to be the following:

--at least mostly intelligible to people who will never have played the game or seen Yu-Gi-Oh (so, no recap episodes or nothing-but-duel episodes--it can have duel IN it, just can't be 30 solid minutes of duel)
--so badly dubbed/edited that even people who have never seen it will be able to appreciate the lulzy quality
--preferably not ones that are super-popular TAS episodes, if you're picking DM. No offense to LK, but the purpose is for people to shout their OWN lines, not to copy memes. I don't want to sit through four hours of people shouting "Screw the X, I have Y!"
--not wackysubs. Yes, they're entertaining, but 1) they're illegal and 2) the point is to watch DUBBED anime, not subbed (even wackysubbed).

So please, GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK!! You can suggest as many episodes as you like, from either or both series, but please keep in mind I DO have to watch all suggestions and I have a finite amount of time, so try not to go "LOL every episode in the series" or "DOMA. Just . . . DOMA. ALL of it" or what have you.

Also please just note: just because it's not eardrum-rupturing, eyeball-popping bad doesn't mean it's not lulzy--case in point, I know a lot of people who like Johan's/Jesse's Southern accent in the dub, but let's face it: look at my icon and tell me the kid looks like he's from Texas to you (not to mention he still goes to "North" School and is stated to be from the Deep South somewhere).



ETA: I should note that elsewhere the GX episodes known in fandom as "the hot sauce episode" and the English 106 (Johan's/Jesse's introduction) have both been recommended to me.