July 5th, 2010

kaiba plan

AnimeEXPO + Yugioh-con?

Under the cut is the AnimeEXPO-related yugioh things
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But what I want to ask is that, if we were all to converge on ONE con- make it... well an unofficial "yugioh-con" (like you know how Japan has those "yugioh-only event"? WE NEED THAT) in the United States, (lol sorry UK/rest of the world) what would your vote be?

(edit: made a poll http://slifertheskydragon.deviantart.com/journal/poll/1307740/ )
NOTE: THIS WOULD BE FOR 2011/2012, NOT 2010.

In a chat I was in, people seemed to like the idea of the con to be one in the middle of the country, like say, Texas' A-kon. But then the other idea is to converge on one of the coasts, either Otakon (Maryland) - or Fanime (California) but this would be inconvenient for those on the opposite end of the country. (What about New York- since the 4kids VAs will go to those quite often- but I don't know the cons in that area...?)

I say no to AnimeEXPO because you cannot really run a fan-panel (though I *think* you can still try to apply for one?)/it's too effing HUUUUGE there- whereas for Fanime and Otakon you CAN have fan-panels and these are mid-large sized cons, (about 15000 people) i'm not sure how A-kon and Otakon are accepting of a "yugioh" panel, but I was able to hold a yugioh panel at fanime with no problem.

I'd love to have a "yugioh-only" kind of event, not so much focused on the card game but the fandom in general, etc... (but yeah still have cards...)

hahah i just realized if we pull this off that there could be more Bakura cosplayers than Narutos.