June 24th, 2010

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Crrrrrossover Shiiipppinggg?

This is kind of weird, but I've noticed there are a disproportionate amount of Atem or Yuugi x Sakura Haruno AMVs. And only two are from the same person. While I was at it, I found an Atem/Usagi one, a Malik/Hinata one, a JounouchixHaruhi one (yes, Suzumiya), and (I think this is the best) Yami Malik and Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.

My question is, do you guys ever crossover ship? And I don't mean between Yu-Gi-Ohverses, but between YGO and completely unrelated series.

I myself totally ship Yami Bakura and Azula. I'm not sure what to call it though.
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Shipping names

Hi, all. I've been looking for pairing names for these ships and I didn't come across any. Could anyone please point me out, if they exist. Or please make a suggestion, if they don't.

Seto Kaiba x Jaden Yuuki
Black Luster Soldier x Dark Magician
Black Luster Soldier x Atem (or Yami no Yuugi)

Reason is, I've roleplayed these pairings but now I can't tag them. /fail

Thanks everyone in advance!

Dennis Daniel Show - LittleKuriboh RETURNS!!!

 Ladies and gentlemen,

LittleKuriboh RETURNS....to The Dennis Daniel Show, Friday June 25 @ 4PM EST on http://www.bearcastradio.com in a Dennis Daniel Double Header!

After a shocking season 8 finally interrupted by Seto Kaiba, the duel between Dennis and Kaiba has been set, with one major condition: Kaiba wins, he gets Bearcast. Will Denny actually set BearcastRadio.com as a prize. Find out at the official contract signing Friday June 25 at 4PM EST on http://www.bearcastradio.com

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