June 3rd, 2010

Silly on Tree Stumps.

You Activated My Face-Down Party Card

This past weekend, my cosplaying buddies came together from all over the state to celebrate some of our upcoming birthdays- while together, we of course had a ridiculous photoshoot including plenty of ridiculous Yu-Gi-Oh: Abridged references. I hope that you guys like them lmao! 

A touching brotherly moment for Seto and Mokuba

Kaiba rubbing his ...um, wealth in Melvin's face

Noah teaching the Yu-Gi-Oh! villains how to kill the protagonists

Mai Skanentine faces her worst nightmare at the friggin' beach

Seto and Mokuba enjoying a twirl because of Gozaburo's death

More screenshots from Leather Pants, including:

Another group chorus dance

Shots of "'We're really Just Friends,''Why am I Speaking French' and Patty-Cake

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