May 20th, 2010

Night of Fire/Let the world burn around


Ok a few years ago I did a synop of zodiac signs from the original cast, along with a compatibility chart... I didn't have a life back then.

I still don't, because now I'm working on Yugioh 5d's main cast and finished the initial assessment of the days they were born. I was going to do a generic year assessment to figure out their chinese signs then thought... We don't know the year that 5d takes place, but supposedly it should have happened shortly after GX. So does anyone know the age difference between Yugi and Judai?...

Does anyone want me to post those beasts I did years ago? As well as the ones for 5d I'm working on? (People from the ygo_5d comm don't get a vote. I'm spamming you guys with the 5ders regardless... Gods above how do I pick the date of manufacturing or being turned on for one of the characters?....) Oh and the twins WILL be giving me trouble just because they're twins... (Dies)

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