May 10th, 2010


Sims 2, Yu-Gi-Oh-style

 I should really be asleep because I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but sleeping is for NERDS. So instead I decided to make YGODM sims. And they aren't shambling monstrosities, like the ones that popped up when I googled "yugioh sims"; they actually look like regular Sim guys. 

And I took some pictures.
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Well, I hope that was an enjoyable waste of time. I also made the Ishtar family, so I'll post them tomorrow, cause it is 4:44 AM. BYE
Harry - Dog House


Hi guys ~ for my first post in this community I bring you some cosplay photographs with some much-needed Pimpshtar:

Harmony/myself as Ishizu (Isis) | kaiya02 as Marik | lunarfish as Yami Bakura
Photography by rayfy_chan

Click here to see the rest of the photos

Originally debuted at a con, and finally now we have a photoshoot with much crack, tight pants, brain-damage-inducing AMV inspirations and more.

Hope you enjoy XD

~ Harmony

YGO Sims, pt. 2 - Ishtar Madness

 As promised, here are my versions of the Ishtars. I took quite a few more liberties with their outfits, but... eh. I imagine this is what they'd look like in about 10 years or so. 
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That's all for now. I probably won't make any more, unless someone has a request for a particular character they want to see, in which case I'll probably make it. BYE.