May 9th, 2010

no. 38

I'd Follow Forever

I just found some fictional characters on Twitter, so I was wondering if any of our lovable YugiOh people are on. If not, would someone please volunteer to take up these roles?! XD I'd imagine there would be random days with tweets like these:

NamelessPharaoh Trouncing @ThiefKing for the 3rd time this month. What a masochist.

TheSexierIshtar @NamelessPharaoh No. He's more of an S. I would know. >3

KaibaCorpPres @NamelessPharaoh I know you like "defending" your title against talentless losers. If you wanted a real challenge, you would've come to me.

ThiefKing @NamelessPharaoh Nah. Boredom convinced me to interfere with your relationship with your midget.

NamelessPharaoh @ThiefKing I'll let you choose your death today. The Three Egyptian Gods or Kuribou.

(I just found Kaiba_Seto but it's not in English! Dammit. D< I want to understand your derisive comments!)