April 26th, 2010


A little taste of cosplay fun...

This is merely a teaser for you all... an entrée to the main course of awesomeness, in other words.

At SakuraCon 2010, my bud katsuya_kaiba took a lot of awesome photos at this year's Yu-Gi-Oh photoshoot. Until she's able to upload all of them and get it online (been having some computer issues), I will give you guys a few bits to enjoy. It was certainly a lot of fun, and there was even goodies to enjoy (I gave away some rare stickers & a Red Dragon Archfiend dog tag, almost everyone got a bag of Easter treats from one attendee, and folks got to enjoy the epic Millennium Item and Signer emblem cookies made by laylaastra ). Definitely looking forward to next year's photoshoot, especially since it hopefully might be larger and more epic!