April 25th, 2010


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If I were to make earrings or pendants of the millennium items (or anything else anyone might want, for that matter) out of clay, if anyone would be interested in buying them from me? If so, please comment on this entry or email me at squeegeek1@yahoo.com so I know if I would have a market! Also, if you are interested, how much would you be willing to pay?
Thank you!
kaiba please


So I just had my first con experience (I know, so sad right!) and I loved it. So much. It was awesome and the people rocked. Anyway, I decided to go as Ryou Bakura, to bring a little YGO love to the convention. Well let's just say it went over really well with people and a lot of the people I ran into actually asked me if I watched the abridged series. It made me happy to know that LK's creation is loved everywhere.

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Well, that's it for me. Just wanted to share my love for conventions as I'm sure I'll be heading to more in the future.
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