April 22nd, 2010


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Hi... it's me again! >>; Sorry for like, ruining this community with my inquiring mind but unfortunately I have not many people in my life who likes, understands or even knows what Yugioh is! And you guys all seem pretty knowledgable! (LETSBEFRIENDS!?) But another question has crossed my mind and you guys would probably know. I was wondering if anyone knew the deal on Kazuki Takahashi, because it's really hard to find info on him other than the same three paragraphs on wikis everywhere. I'm curious as to what he thinks of GX and 5Ds coming from his miraculous creation (not that those two aren't good, but can they ever really measure up to the characters in the original, DM or R?!) So maybe there's some hidden interviews or something that I don't know about!? He's really fascinating and wise. Thanks! And sorry! ^^;