March 30th, 2010


YuGiOh yaoi doujinshi for sale

Due to my unfortunate financial situation, I am in need of money! ;-; So I'm selling some doujinshi. These are all older, rare doujinshi that I don't think you'll see again on ebay or anywhere else.

I have 6 different YuGiOh doujin up for sale, including a rare flip-book! It's so cool, I hate to give it up. Hopefully these books will go to loving homes.

Click here to go to the list on my LJ!

I have one novel (but it has illustrations) that I am giving away for FREE to the first person to buy a doujinshi who wants it. :) 

Comics are priced as listed OR best offer. Thanks!

Apologies for cross-posting. I need the money, so I'm advertising a lot. Sorry!