March 26th, 2010


Seto Kaiba's Cosplay News Report- Blooper Reel

Reporting again for local channels in Tallahassee, Florida- I'm Seto Kaiba!

This is a series of clips that we shot just for fun while at Megacon 2010. :D These clips will not actually air on TV. However, at the same time that we shot these clips, I did actually make another TV report all about cosplaying, and will show up on-air again as Seto Kaiba; I'll post that finished package once it's actually gone through all of its processing.

Until then, I hope that you guys enjoy this silliness! :D We had a lot of fun making not only my professional package but this funny stoopeeids as well. :D To see pictures based on the things we did here, as well as other cool cosplay stuff, please visit
! :D

My own critiques about this video:
-I learned the words to TiK ToK about .05 seconds before I recorded this. Forgive me.
-I'm not actually trying out for American Idol. X]
-I often argue with/insult my camera whenever it tells me to change batteries/tapes.
-The joke behind the "idiot sibling" thing is that I forced my brother to wear that costume. Dohh hohoho.
-NO SETO KAIBA DOESN'T SWING THE SAME WAY THAT BAKURA AND YUGI AND MAI DO. :D hahahaha no it's honestly that i'm a horrendous dancer oh my gosh. :D

"TiK ToK" by Ke$ha
99% of the featured jokes inspired by LittleKuriboh and Team Four Star
"Abracadabra" by The Brown-Eyed Girls

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