March 21st, 2010


Because I've always wondered...

Poll #1541206 Are the marks under Marik's eyes scars or eyeliner?

Are the marks under Marik's eyes scars or eyeliner?

Other (Please explain in comment)

Let the debate begin!

Personally, I'm in-between. It's probably more likely that they're scars, because they appered only after Marik recieved the scars on his back. He probably got them at the same time. Then again, they also could have been cermeonial makeup that tombkeepers could only wear if they underwent the ceremnony.

In my RPs and fanfiction though, I consider it it eyeliner... because it's more funny that way XD
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I am a girl with nothing interesting to say.

Well, no, not really. 

I've gotten into Yu-Gi-Oh recently. Well, not really recently. Last August. I was only into the first seven manga/original series at first, because I thought no card games could compare to them, but then I read the manga for DM and HOSHIT. IT WAS GOOD YOU GUYS. And I guess I never turned back. I caught YGO in a tumbling embrace and rolled downhill. It ended up being a gateway series for me. Before I never really liked anime, but now I proudly declare myself an "anime fan".

It's the characters, I guess. They're just so likable. I really think DM is better than people give it credit for. A lot of people claim that it's fun because it's cheesy and over-the-top, and it does get a little melodramatic sometimes, but it has the characters to back that up. You know?

And anyways, after falling head-over-heels in love with this universe, I came upon the little stumbling block of nobody else liking it.

And then I found Livejournal. And I realised there were people out there who were interested in the same things that I was! Inorite? It was like enlightenment. And of course, the fact that there was a YGO community just put the cherry on the cake.

If you care about me actually contributing to the fandom, I cannot draw and am lukewarm at writing. (Trying to improve though!) I am pretty good at putting together AMVs, however, so look forward to those.

Uh, that about wraps it up. In conclusion: hi there! Let's be friends!