March 16th, 2010

Silly on Tree Stumps.

Megacon= Mega SXEE

So this past weekend, a few of my Yu-Gi-Oh! homies and I went to Megacon in Orlando! We took a lot of hilarious videos (I got to shoot the breeze with Sonny Strait a lot omgzzzz :D) and pictures! (Including one that proves that maybe Seto Kaiba can lose a few other kinds of games:)

Lotssss more pictures are going up, including my brother and me as Seto and Seto: ; proof that maybe dealers' rooms DO sell Yu-Gi-Oh toys: ; and Seto Kaiba's rendition of TiK ToK: 

I hope you all like the pictures! :D Also, if you were at Megacon, let me know- I might have taken pictures of you! XD Yay!

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