March 14th, 2010


Anyone attending SakuraCon 2010???

Are you attending SakuraCon 2010? Then check out the official Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay photoshoot!

Greetings! I am the official coordinator of the Yu-Gi-Oh photoshoots at SakuraCon, and hereby give a warm welcome to anyone from this community who might possibly be attending this convention... and encourage anyone interested to please come check out the photoshoot. Hang out with fellow fans, admire/take photos of folks' cosplay, and participate in the "Yu-Gi-Oh IQ" contest going on (with the prize being a dog tag of Red Dragon Archfiend, and some old rare collectible stickers). And by tradition, it takes place on the last day of the convention - a really fun way to unwind after a busy weekend.
Here are the details for those of you who'd like to attend =

Date: Sunday, April 4th
Time: 12 noon
Meetup Location: "International Meeting Place" on the 2nd floor (past the escalators)

Now, if anyone wishes to post comments on this, please be courteous and abide by all the PTDC rules. I don't want to come in here and see a bunch of negativity and icky spam stinking up this place. Oh, and feel free to ask me anything at all you want to know (as long as it's related to the convention and the photoshoot, of course).

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