March 3rd, 2010

jounouchi portrait

Survey about Yugioh fans

 Hey all! Here's my offering of crack so anyone who doesn't want to answer the questions still gets something out of this entry! (also my way of identifying myself) This was the Yugioh cosplay skit I was in Tekkoshocon 2009. I'm the Jounouchi/Joey. (tis not my voice, however)

Now the real reason for the post. I'm hosting a panel at Tekkoshocon VIII titled "The Fandom That is Yugioh". Playthedamncard is the biggest group of Yugioh fans that I know, so I was hoping you all would help me out. Here are the questions! Can be answered in the comments, or if you want to send me a private message or an email at Pass along to anyone you know who would be interested. Thanks, everyone, for the help!

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Seeking Yu-Gi-Oh! Players!

We just opened last week and... it just doesn't feel right to not have any card duelers here yet. So I'm here in hopes to fix this. If you like slow-paced, a weird-as-hell concept, and alternate universe? Then feel free to take a look at us!

More info about what we are about is under the cut!

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