February 21st, 2010

bakuramarik ~ manga

Cosplay (:

So yesterday me and my newly found cosplay group, The Masked Crusaders, went to MCM Midlands Expo as the 4Kids team. We had Gary and Ash from Pokémon, and me and ladyneocotica were Marik and Yami respectively. I failed magnificently next to her, but it was my first cosplay so eh. She got glomped so many times because of her wig :')

Anyway! I thought you guys might appreciate some photos of our cosplay. We hope to do a photoshoot on Friday, but for now: 

And our photos from the day can be found here, at our flickr.

Was anybody else there? I know there was a whole Yu-Gi-Oh! dueling section, but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to compete ):

So if Akenhaten is King Tut's father...

I was watching a fascinating show on the discovery channel about the family of King Tut. Videos here, if anyone's interested.

A recent discovery has proven that King Tut's father is actually Akenhaten. Of course, my YGO-fueled brain made a quick jump to Akenhaden, and thus his son - Priest Seth. Now, throw in the mental images of King Tut being a sickly boy, actually dying from a broken leg and severe malaria, buried with 130 walking sticks due to painful congenital disorders...

Somebody needs to draw some interesting fan art here.