February 11th, 2010

  • i_sew

Now taking Pokemon/Digimon/Animal/Mascot Hoodie Commissions!

I am a little tight on cash this month and still have a few more slots available for hoodie commissions! I can make just about anything that you desire. From Pokemon, Digimon, animals, mascots... you name it, and give me a reference and I can 90% of the time make it! All hoodies are made of 100% fleece. They can be machined washed because of this. I design, create and sew these hoodies from scratch (no patterns). They can take anywhere from 5 hours - 15 hours, depending on the difficulty of the creature.

I only still have my Pikachu hoodie example here:

But I should be posting up a Buziel hoodie later this week, along with a Lucario one before the end of the month. I am an unemployed full time student, in need of money in order to pay bills so I thought I would offer my services to the community. I accept Paypal and Money Orders only (Paypal preferred). These hoodies start off at a base price of $45.00 +. It depends on the creature you want and how difficult it is to sew. I will give you the option of eyes/tails/extra appendages as well with these quotes. They roughly take anywhere from two weeks to two months to sew.

I have about three more slots left for this month, so please hurry in with those quotes!