February 5th, 2010


How YOU doin'?

So...a friend of mine always uses a picture of Yugi as his avatar on Twitter, message boards, etc. One day, he quoted that Ke$ha song (that I hate) with the "feelin' like P Diddy" line and joked that he should change his picture to Diddy. I said he should just Photoshop some bling onto Yugi instead. Cue another friend chiming in and saying that aside from the Puzzle, which is bling enough, Yugi should have a Millennium Pimp Stick. The mental image pretty much had me in stitches.

Thus, this was born:

Pimpin' Yugi
by ~katyacarminis on deviantART

Aside from my two friends, I figured you guys would appreciate the humor, if not the art skillz, or lack thereof. ;)