January 3rd, 2010

  • tsukeru

Artist Alley suggestions?

I have been wanting to make something from Yu-Gi-Oh to sell at my booth in artist alley at conventions for some time now. My only issue is, I'm a crafter, not an artist. So I sew alot of my merchandise. Some things that I do sew is fleece hats, plushies, hoodies, etc. I'm pretty handy with the sewing machine. I just can't think of anything from Yu-Gi-Oh. Do you guys and gals have any suggestions for me? Thanks a bunch!

Discussion: Hypnotism

So, we know how the girls (and guys) in all series get hypnotized or something, right. Eyes go completely blank, like something you can color on :)

have you watched an episode that left you in a similar trance?
you know, like credits, and then maybe, you go to your room, and just...stay there, staring blankly and and stuff?

also, first of 2010:

(pls don't be an epic fail this time...)