December 28th, 2009

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Cursed by the name?

Or, pointless and potentially out of context thoughts I think instead of actually studying.

I guess a good part of you knows what Fudo Yuusei (不動遊星) means, that's "motionless wondering star" or "motionless planet". As you have noticed, Yuusei's name is written using these two kanjis: 遊星. You also have noticed how the first one is reused thourough the franchise to connect the main characters of the various series:

武藤 - Mutou Yuugi (Yuugi means game, no need to explain the puns built around it)
城十代 - Yuuki Juudai (Juudai means "teenager")
不動 - Fudou Yuusei

So Yuusei's name, like Judai's surname, is formed by that kanji + another one that gives us a whole new name. That kanji, 星 , can be read "hoshi" or "sei", and means "star".

So, pretty convoluted but interesting pun, isn't it?
I just remembered (which means: re-read it in my school notes) that "hoshi", in the slang of Japanese police, means 'suspect' or 'perpetrator of a crime'. And if you relate it with what Yuusei had to go through during the first season...
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Fanfic Community Contest

I think this is the first time I've posted this on here..  Anyways, I've set up a new YGO Fanfic Contest Community.  (For more info- see yugioh_contest  for details)

The YGO Fanfic Contest I've set up- yugioh_contest  will be kicking off next Monday- the first Monday of the new year and that will be the day when the prompt is first given and entries have a week to be completed and turned in.  For more information, please see the User Profile of this community for all the rules and steps upon entering.

I would also like to make mention that I've changed a few things.  We now accept fanfics from the original DM, GX, and 5ds.  Any more questions on that matter should, again, see the community for more details.  Or, just ask me.  :) 

Another thing- Winners will receive personalized banners.  That's another thing I've changed- the manner of the prizes.

x-posted to yugi_fans  .  Sorry if you see this more than once.

Note:  I saw in the rules that Community advertisements wre allowed- for once a month and, seeing that this is the first time I've posted this here, I think I'm in the okay.  However, please feel free to let me know if it's not.

But, particpation is needed to keep this community running.  Thank you!