October 25th, 2009

Battle Pose.

Happy Birthday, Seto Kaiba

Today, October 25th, is Seto Kaiba's birthday.

I work as a host for a small entertainment show called "University Update," which serves as an on-air TV information segment for Florida State University students. Incredibly, I got scheduled to air on the weekend of October 24th, which meant that I was to talk about the upcoming weekend (Halloween). The timing couldn't be more perfect; I couldn't have gotten luckier.

I asked my boss if I could wear my Seto Kaiba cosplay on the air- if I could dress up as Seto freaking Kaiba on TELEVISION, to which she laughed and then consented; so, here I am, dressed as Seto Kaiba on TV. Seto Kaiba, the news anchor, if you will.

This segment, uploded here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57g8lJ6XpcM aired on local television channels in the greater Tallahassee area on October 24th and 25th.

Happy birthday, Seto Kaiba.

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[ProjectYGO] Episode 79 Bloopers

In just one week, Project YGO's Halloween presentation of Episode 79 (Bakura v. Ko(tsu)zuka) will be up and running ^__^ Part one is marked and set (I know, I've watched it o__o!), and Part two is undergoing its final edits. I suggest watching it DURING your candy high.

Until then, I bring you more bloopers, outtakes, and random chaos.

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because putting Yugioh people in other games just makes them more fun

I've had a Dark Magician rock star in my Guitar Hero game for a while now, and thought I'd add some more YGO goodness. So I made a Seto Kaiba. No white trenchcoat, but the game did have his trademark silver gauntlets and a sweet guitar pattern that was blue with a dragon on it.

First set I played with him, and god, I wish I had screencaps of this. The lead singer, by pure computer generated chance, was almost a dead ringer for Jack Atlas, exact hair, same body structure. Forget what he was wearing, but it didn't matter. I started laughing so hard, I failed the song!!

So, who else here has thrown YGO characters into their other games? And had fun results?