October 18th, 2009

Proof that Priest Mahaado is truly the most tragic character EVAR

It's obvious that Mahaado feels a tremendous amount of guilt and grief over Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen's death. After his tomb is robbed, he takes full blame for what would mean a second death to the former pharaoh, and asks Atem for punishment. He then leaves to face Bakura, knowing that he will likely die.

But what could cause this terrible grief?
Follow my logic, and tell me this doesn't make sense.

As stated in vol 4, after Mahaado became a priest and sealed the evil of the millennium ring, he discovered the secrets of the millennium items. He then told Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen about them, and he fell ill and died.

As stated in vol 2, we also know that Mahaado is a spirit sorcerer, and that means he has powers that go beyond what the millennium items can do. Other than his apprentice, who's still a student, there aren't any other spirit sorcerers ever mentioned.

As stated in vol 6, Hasan tells Atem that Akhenamkhanen gave his soul to seal a spirit (him) into the stone tablet.

I can think of only two ways to accomplish this. One is with the millennium items. Since the pharaoh was utterly sick with grief over how the items were created, it's unlikely he'd turn to them. The second would be to enlist the powers of a spirit sorcerer. And there is likely only one spirit sorcerer the pharaoh would trust enough to call upon.

Do you realize what that means??

Mahaado did not just indirectly cause the pharaoh's death. He outright killed him. He performed the ritual that created Hasan, thus taking the life and soul of the pharaoh. And he likely had to do it in complete secrecy.

...What an incredible weight to bear on your shoulders... and for all eternity.