October 13th, 2009

Hakuryuu → bone crown

cosplay happenings

So, I posted a few weeks ago about a cosplay shoot happening at a con...which only sort of did >_> But I do finally bring pictures! Some from Tigercon and some from Baltimore Comic-Con. For more, slightly less lolzy but significantly more AWESOME pictures than the ones here, check out SETSUNTAMEW AT DA!!

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Two other things of note:
This weekend, we're having a shoot with Malik & Bakura. SUGGESTIONS PLZ. We have duel disks, enough trading cards to make Kaiba jealous, and a college campus surrounded by woods. Also, we are not adverse to running around town in costume, so really anything goes. Just tell us what to do & we'll try!

Anyone a yugioh cosplayer in the Baltimore/DC area? We have Ishizu, Malik, Bakura, Yami Yugi, and Kaiba, but we would love to get a larger group together. We do shoots and cons and just random wandering around days, so come be part of our awesome fun. WE LOVE YOU ALL ♥
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