October 11th, 2009

I Don't Do Windows!

Need some help please.

I'm doing NaNo this year and writing a YGO AU fic where Zane, Atticus and Chazz from YGO GX are main characters along with Kaiba, Marik and Bakura from YGO DM. And they are all in high school together. Well here is I need help with. I need some bios on Zane, Atticus and Chazz that are not from the YGO Wiki site or Wikipedia. I tried other anime sites and they really don't have the info I'm looking for or they repeat YGO Wiki and Wikipedia. So if anyone knows of any good fan sites with good bios on these three or have writen fanfics about these three well enough to give me some suggestions on how to write them I would be very thankful.

Also I'm looking for some screen caps of Zane, Chazz, and Atticus from GX and Jack Atlas from YGO 5Ds. So if anyone can help me here I will be also very thankful.

YGO mall tour, complete with epic dueling!

Konami was hosting part of their YGO mall tour in a nearby city yesterday, so I went... as Bakura!

It was supposed to be a lot bigger than it turned out being. What you see in that picture was literally one half of what there was to see. And the other half looked exactly like that half, but from a different angle. Some of the ladies touring with Konami had never even seen a duel disk before. They kept fawning over mine, wanting to try it on, etc. Totally hilarious.

The point was to duel each of the four official Konami judges once, and if you win, you get one of the new 5Ds booster packs.

Well, I dueled all four with a Bakura character deck, and I won against two of them!! So I walked out of there with four booster packs. Wait, how does that work? Well, Collapse )

It's what the heart of the cards is all about, isn't it.