September 4th, 2009


Alright people, it's been a week since I posted the poll asking for input on the rules of playthedamncard. I got some awesome input and I've come to a decision on what will be done.

Here's how I broke the voting down:
⇥ in the categories with multiple results, if it had more than 70%, it stays
⇥ in the categories with a single answer, majority rules.

What does this mean?
⇥ What will be kept and allowed in posts are Crack, Information/Discussion, New Episode Info & Links, MADS/AMVS (with lj cuts), Crackfic, Crack Icons, Cosplay, Fanart (regular and crack), and Capslock.
    ● This isn't much different than what is normally allowed.
⇥ Advertisements will be allowed sparingly (once a month at most). To break this down, a person can post an Ad once a month. If I have to track IPs to see who might possibly break this rule, I will, however I trust you guys not to do that kinda shit.
    ● Ads allowed are YGO Comms. A sub-rule to this will be that chat ads are allowed, but if there is a post already on the first page, the poster will have to wait until the first page is empty of ads. Stingy, I know, but it didn't make 70% and I'm bending a little.

Other types of posts, ads, etc will need to be taken to yugi_fans, ygo_5ds, yugi_icons, ygo_fanstyle, or other related communities.

Now, the new rules haven't been put up yet, so I ask you to give me a couple hours to write them out and make them as amusing as the previous rules. When that post goes live again, it will also serve as a mod inbox where you can leave questions, comments, or notifications for me or other mods as they come along. I'm also available through PM, AIM (rollokins), and email (

If you have any other comments, critiques, or what have you, feel free to leave a comment here. Keep in mind that I went by majority rules here, as best as I could. If you have an issue with it, please keep in mind that this is how the community decided. And there's always that nifty create your own community option.

[EDIT:] RULES POST HAS BEEN EDITED. If you see a problem with it, please let me know.

And so I don't completely bore you all with my tl;dr (and since so many of you voted for him), here's Yami in a tutu:
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I bring gifts along with MikuMikuDance Kaiba~!

So, I got my hands on the World Is Mine motion data, and I have the Kaiba model.

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His coat...didn't like the motion data, but I was too lazy to go through a tweak it so it didn't eat itself. D:

If you want to try, this is MMD and here is the Kaiba Model + Enemy Controller.

Edit: W-what

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The cat ears should attach to his head...they even dance with him D:

wait what does this say about Kaiba

Yet More Captions

Okay, these aren't as good as the others, but I fell off my couch thinking about them, so I had to make them and share.

I don't know why Kaiba has such a dirty mouth...and Mokuba has one, too. Poor Bakura, I just want to hug him.

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By the way, if someone can get me a ton of caps from the Duel Disk activation sequence in "Yugi VS the Rare Hunter (1)" ("Clash! Battle City Begins"), I would be utmost grateful. I have an idea for captions :D
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