August 27th, 2009

Modly Reminder

Just your usual modly reminder asking you to PLEASE READ THE RULES before posting.

Several rules are being forgotten, and that includes putting videos behind lj-cuts and to refrain from posting advertisements.

Remember, yugi_fans is the LJ's Regular, YGO-related info etc community. playthedamncard is meant for crack and lulz.

If you have information, advertisements, fanfics, icons, screencaps, etc and wish to post them, please take them to yugi_fans.

Thanks! ♥
Bakura crossdressing

Why Watching Subtitles and Little Kuriboh back to back is a bad, bad idea

So, I was watching episode 56 of the really horrible fan-sub where everything goes including Seto Sea-Horse, and couldn't get something out of my head, so I made a demotivator. I totally blame this on the fact that Yesterday I finished a Marathon of Yugioh: The Abridged Series. The crack ate my brain.

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