August 19th, 2009

Yuusei bakes cakes.

This pertains to Jack/Yuusei and LittleKuriboh. It is amusing, so I invite you all to take a gander. It is random and should not be taken to mean anything other than Lex Luthor, Jack Atlus porn, and hyperactive girls who giggle at anything are a very dangerous thing... especially when one has the chesticles to ask LK to voice their randomness for them.
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Birthday Wishes!

I remembered Anzu’s birthday all week; now if only I hadn’t forgotten it yesterday…

So a Happy (Belated) Birthday to (the often misunderstood), Mazaki Anzu ! Born on August 18th (or you may refer to this one) accordin’ to the Gospel of Truth.

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Btw: Considering we know very little about them, what are your opinions on her family/relations? The only thing I think we can say with some small amount of certainty is that they probably aren’t doing so hot financially since she had to start earning money to go study ballet in New York at the age of 15-6. Or, (let’s twist things up a bit), it could be that her legal guardian(s) is/are against it and refuse to fund for her education if she does pursue dance. It could be a reason as to why she is so passionate about achieving her dream- just as the guys have their motives for dueling. Then again, maybe she’s just very independent and wants to earn as much of the money she can herself. I find it hard to believe that she doesn’t have parents during the series, but you never know. Maybe she’s primarily raised by an aunt, grandmother or other extended relation.
On a fluffier note, her friends are her family. That is all.
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I actually did these a while ago but never really got around to POSTING them anywhere except in my personal journal, which nobody ever reads and so where no one shall ever see them. So hi, to anyone who cares, I ended up making 41 living!Carley icons and you are welcome to snag them if you wish. They got made for a friend who plays her and didn't have much by way of icons, so they were designed for a rp account - lots of expressions, no text, most not cut in a particularly text-friendly way, but you can try if you want. All I ask is that you give me credit, either for the icon or for the base if you add text/effects, and host 'em yourself.


( I can't believe it's not a real cut! )
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YGO dreams?

So this was inspired by a conversation I had with i_are_qualified over at the Yu-Gi-Oh Love Meme (go check that shizz out and spread the love, btw, if you haven't already :D). In between talking about the scene when Mokuba's head collides with Honda's privates, we got on the subject of dreams, and I was wondering if any of you wonderful people have ever had any interesting YGO-related dreams.

I've had a few myself.

I was in my house alone at night, when I saw some movement at my window. I went over to the window and saw the pharaoh, Yami no Malik, and Captain Jack Sparrow were egging my house. I told them to quit it and when they didn't, I cranked out my Super-Soaker and got them wet. They got pissed and told me they were going to raid my house if I didn't come outside. I went to meet them on my front lawn and we all got in my car, drove in circles in my neighborhood cul-de-sac while singing Earth, Wind and Fire, and then we gossiped about Brangelina. Yeah, idk either.

I once had this other one when Otogi and I had to build a go-cart in under ten minutes and then race it underwater. We lost, but then we just threw dice at the other team, and that made us feel better.

So! Am I the only dork here who's had dreams about card games and the pretty boys that play them...? (Also, has there been a discussion like this before? I apologize if there has. My memory doesn't like me all that much.)