July 23rd, 2009

LokiNoki Huh?

A "Tribute" to YugiOh! YAY!

Hey people! Another long time lurker finally making her first post; only because I want to share one ENTIRE episode of Gintama parodying YGO with you guys. (Actually it's the whole episode plus like 5 minutes of the next, which was the perfect climax to the whole thing. XD) It was an extra funny to me because I just finished laughing my butt off at gorlok's Battle of the Bands post before watching this arc.


PS: The only thing extra thing you need to know is that Toshi/Toshiro (the sexier, bad ass looking one) has a "split personality" from obtaining a cursed demon sword. (The split personality being the otaku.) Who knew possessed objects can give hikaris too? :O